Michael Sierra-Arévalo is an Assistant Professor in the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice.

His current research focuses on how police socialization and perceptions of danger influence officer behavior, as well as the construction and consequences of police culture. His other research interests include gangs, gun violence, social networks, and violence prevention.

Michael received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Yale University in 2018.


Recent Publications:

Peyton, Kyle, Michael Sierra-Arévalo, David G. Rand. “A Field Experiment on Community Policing and Police Legitimacy.” Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences. 2019.

Sierra-Arévalo, Michael. 2019. “The Commemoration of Death, Organizational Memory, and Police Culture.” Criminology.

Sierra-Arévalo, Michael. 2019. “Technological Innovation and Police Officers’ Understanding and Use of Force.” Law & Society Review.

Sierra-Arévalo, Michael, Andrew V. Papachristos. 2017. “Social Networks and Gang Violence Reduction." Annual Review of Law and Social Science. 

Sierra-Arévalo, Michael, Yanick Charette, Andrew V. Papachristos. 2017. “Evaluating the Effect of Project Longevity on Group-Involved Shootings and Homicides in New Haven, CT.” Crime & Delinquency.